Live Casino Online Guide 2017

The ultimate goal of every online casino is to offer the same gaming experience as you get at landbased casino. Today there is a solution that makes it possible: Live Casino Online. There are hundreds of gambling brands offering live tables 2017. Our guide is what you need in order to determine the best live casino site online. Here you will learn everything about best suppliers of roulette and blackjack real dealer games, tips for real money sites and live casino game rules explained.

So, are you in search for a perfect experience of live dealer games, without leaving your home or playing wherever you are on mobile? We are here to help. Turn into a real live casino expert together with us. Learn all you need to know to become better at roulette, blackjack and other live card games than the dealers are.

Live Casino Roulette Game

Move from real casino to live casino online

The gambling industry has changed tremendously since 1990s. Now in 2017 we play casino online. Only a few conservative gamblers continue placing their bets offline – at IRL casinos. Macau, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are losing ground to live casino online. Furthermore, we play more slots today than we used to in offline era. The industry has more or less completed the move from real casino environment to live tables, provided by largest suppliers such as Evolution and NetEnt.

The quality of the games, available at casino sites online is amazing. They beat offline real money casino games. Another reason for us moving into online realm is, of course, the development of technology. We all have our own mobile phones and tablets today. This means that we always have a proximity to online casino sites. There is no need to travel many miles to play casino at live tables versus dealer. Now we have what we need in our pocket. Yet another advantage with playing live casino online is the chance of receiving bonus money, which is not the case, when playing at real casino on site.

Live Casino vs Online Casino

Live Casino tables and standard online casino games are quite different, even though the basic rules are all the same. The main difference is in the way they are being played, in terms of determining the outcome.

Standard roulette, blackjack and other table games available in casino lobby, run on a software engine with a random number generator. Live Casino online games are being played against a real dealer. You see him or her on your screen via video streaming link. There is no random number generator software involved, as your game is being played just in the same way as in real brick and mortar casino – with real cards.

While many casino sites offer live casino games, some focus solely on standard online casino RNG roulette and blackjack. Most of gambling sites online split these two products into two different lobbies. This is an industry standard today that the casino platform is seamless, which means that you have one player account for all lobbies/products. Some older casino sites that are behind, when it comes to adjusting their site, still offer you separate player accounts for live casino and RNG casino games. This, in turn, leads to separate bonus offers for real dealer live games and games, where you play versus software.

Live vs Online Casino

Live Casino Games

Land based gambling halls are being beaten by Live Casino online – a relatively new products that offers casino players the same thrill at any time. Live Casino Games are exactly the same as in physical environment. This is a virtual copy of experience that most of players demand. There is no reason for reinventing the bicycle and try to push new games out to the public.

The most popular live casino games against the real dealer are the classics: Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. The more the casino online is focusing on live games, the larger their portfolio of tables available are. Some brands have signed agreement with several suppliers of live dealer games, which allows them to have many more tables open simultaneously. Furthermore, many casino sites online have their own exclusive tables.

The positive thing with these unique tables is that you as a player might get extra bonus on these exclusive games. If you prefer live casino games in your local language and visit a gambling brand that targets your market, the chance is high that this exclusive table will be run in your language. Other popular live casino games are Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Hold ‘em.